MAV bio

MAV bio

The modern company must be able to contextualize the impact of its activities in the context in which it operates in all its facets, social, economic and environmental.
Our company since birth has carried out activities aimed at protecting the environment and the customer. Initially with better performing lubricants. Increase the maintenance intervals reduces the consumption and waste.

Mav Chemical has always been synonymous with innovation, first Italian company to produce lubricants to PTFE with renewable bases already at the end of 90 years.
Now arises the MAV BIO program, for which a set of solutions have been developed for lubrication with biodegradable and renewable bases.

The technology of environmentally friendly bio-lubricants must be our future, our company is ready with a range that covers all applications.

All products in the MAV BIO range are branded with our eco-label, regarding the Railways range all products meet the requirements of Regulation 2011/381 / EU.

Bio Tech MAV Approved